Green Island Anchorage - May 2012

Green Island Anchorage

Back in 2009 I wrote about a popular spot called Fury Cove in Fitz Hugh Sound, just a short way up from Rivers Inlet. If you continue further up Fitz Hugh you can arrive at a wonderful cruising area that can keep you interested for many days: Fish Egg Inlet. Anchorages galore! There’s even a weather reporting station on Addenbrooke Island to keep you current on the conditions close by. There is one place here, on the northern edge of Fish Egg that we have anchored, en passant, when heading either direction on our summer cruise. Green Island Anchorage is near the northern entrance to the Inlet making it very handy for boaters, yet we have seldom seen more than one or two other vessels at anchor here, if any at all. We’re using Canadian Charts #3784, and #3921 for a more detailed view as we make our approach at 50o 38.417’N, 127o 49.981’W.

As you enter the cove you first notice a small island on your starboard that looks like none other. This round island appears to be recovering from some ancient man-made event like maybe a village or homestead had been here before our arrival. It is definitely green with short cropped vegetation covering its nearly flat surface. Of all the times we’ve anchored here, I have yet to go ashore and explore. Maybe someday. Our usual anchoring spot is at 50o 38.678’N, 127o 50.200’W where we can see both out into the main body of water and back up the slot into Illahie Inlet. We have been very comfortable at other of the obvious spots in the cove, but we do favor this one. From this base, your best choices for a great time is fishing and exploring by dinghy. Actually, the fishing can be construed exploring since we’ve never done great fishing here in the past. The dinghy rides are quite wonderful though.

Outside, along the eastern cliffs of the mainland, we’ve explored the little nooks and passages and enjoyed the sea bird life of the area. One time this last year, we had been waiting for friends to join us to try their hand at fishing, too. We had ducked behind an island and when we motored back out we found them just sitting in their dinghy, not saying a word and not fishing either. As we approached they actually looked a little startled. When they could once again talk, they described, both at the same time, the events of the past few minutes.

Seems like a huge halo of bubbles surfaced very close to their dinghy, and it was soon followed by the gaping mouth of a feeding Humpback Whale, straight up into the air, not ten feet from where they were sitting peacefully jigging for bottom fish. That really got their attention because up until then, they had only seen the whale spouts way off in the distance. Fishing stopped at that time as they had to return to their boat for a change of underclothing.

We took a ride all the way to the bitter end of Illahie Inlet and found a little waterfall coming out of a small lagoon. I even climbed up the slippery rocks to view the lagoon and take a few photos. Further into Fish Egg Inlet are anchorages like Joe’s Bay where another spectacular waterfall empties into the inlet on a large tidal change, and one called Waterfall Inlet where we didn’t find a waterfall but the inlet was pretty. Still following the northern coastline of Fish Egg Inlet, another good looking spot is near Oyster Bay, close to Fish Trap Bay. These we’ve explored but not stayed. Further into the far reaches of in the Inlet we anchored for a couple days below the site of a waterfall running out of Doris Lake but that year was drier and there was no waterfall, but there were no other boats either. There are a couple places on the southern side of the inlet that look good but the entrances are too foul or they are too exposed to the weather. One popular exception, according to the Douglass North Coast cruising book, is Mantrap Inlet which boasts more than one nice anchorage and waterways fun to continue exploring by dinghy.

Like I said earlier, this is an anchorage that is handy and useful as a neat, weather protected anchorage as you’re passing through or a stop for a few days to explore an interesting and attractive Inlet that sees few boats. Enjoy your time here.

Thank you,

Don and Carolyn Bloye

M V Island Spirit

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