Pruth Bay

Pruth Bay


Not sure why it took so long to come up with this anchorage because it is absolutely one of our favorites

We always refer to this place as Hakai but our anchorage is actually in Pruth Bay at 51o39.251’N 128o07.529’W. Sometimes we prefer just across the bay on the cliff side depending on how many other vessels are here at the time. Both are ideal anchorages and close enough to all the amenities of this site.

The grand lodge at Pruth Bay has undergone major changes in the past few years. When we first ventured down Kwakshua Channel the six miles to our stopping spot from Fitz Hugh Sound, it was a very exclusive (re: expensive) fishing lodge and the management preferred only their paying guests on the property. We used to go into the office and ask permission to hike over to West Beach, a spectacular beach rivaling those of Hawaii, except for the chilly water. But now, after two scientists Eric Peterson and Christina Munck created Hakai Beach Institute on this property for the promotion of Long Term Ecological Research, the anchorage is definitely Yacht Friendly. The fancy accommodations are mostly for the research students and staff, but there are rumors of the restaurant opening for boating visitors this year! What a treat that will be.

They actually invite boaters to hike to West Beach using convenient boardwalks (instead of muddy paths) installed by Institute staff along with student and First Nations volunteers. We understand the somewhat challenging hike over to North Beach is now made easier with boardwalks and steps as well. Supposedly there are twelve beaches along this coastline if you’re up to that much hiking. Free WiFi is available from the anchorage and we have been asked if the reception is OK as they are constantly improving on it. There is a strong possibility that very good potable water will finally be available to boaters at the Institutes dock. This will be a blessing since Namu is about the closest place for good water in the vicinity.

   Pruth Bay is often exceptional for crabbing along the southern side of Pruth Bay. Salmon fishing can be fantastic if you know where to fish and what to use for lures. Just ask any of the visiting fishermen – everyone seems very friendly now compared with just a few years ago. An area that yielded great fishing for us over the years is Odlum Point on the island with the same name. Another exciting place is Barney Point just a bit east and still in Hakai Passage. Last year we found great Silver and Sockeye Salmon angling at the confluence of Kwakshua Channel and Fitz Hugh Sound. On the way to this place we photographed a wolf swimming across the Channel and saw a number of Humpback Whales feeding near the fishing grounds. If anything, this area is very simpatico!

   We will usually spend two to three nights on the hook here, longer if the weather and fishing is favorable. Whatever the case, this anchorage is responsible for more dinghy fuel being consumed than any others I can think of. We never know what to expect in way of improvements and amenities since the new owners took over. They seem to be casually yet constantly making our stay better. Pay this place a visit because we know you will enjoy it, and you will probably make new friends in the bargain, too.

Have a wonderful season,

Don and Carolyn Bloye

M.V. Island Spirit

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